Manatee Bay Club

Slip into a privately owned Condo-Dock

Gated Private Boat Club




Buyers, Owners and Lessees.

Concept, Structure, the Declaration, the By-Laws, Rules & Regulations are all included in the Prospectus, which all buyers/ owners receive. Lessees receive a copy of the Manatee Bay Club RULES & REGULATIONS, and/or a condensed version of the Prospectus. Some questions, however, do occur frequently, so please find below some of the most common ones:

QUESTION ....................................................................................................ANSWER

What does Dockominium mean?

It is exactly the same concept as a regular condominium, except in this case you buy a home for your boat.

And you own it for as long as you want? Yes. Manatee Bay Club is a boat club with privately owned Dock Units.
Do you get a Warranty Deed for your Unit? Yes. All sales are recorded with Monroe County.
Does that include the upland portion? Yes.
Does that also include the assigned bay bottom? Yes
Is that common in this area? No, this is the only property in this neighborhood where bay bottom is privately owned.
Do Unit owners pay a monthly association fee? Yes; the Monthly Fee per Unit for 2008 is $155.00, which includes $10.00 per month for RESERVES. This fee has to be paid Semi-Annually ($930.00) or Annually ($1,860.00).
What does that include? Among many things it includes: Marina Manager, Dockmaster, Gardening, Pool & Spa, Clubhouse, Sanitary, Sewage, Laundromat, Insurance policies, Fire Suppression System, Fire Extinguishers, Office services and maintenance of grounds.
Do Unit owners pay their own property taxes. Yes, just like being a home owner.
What type of Insurance does the Association carry? Liability, property, fire, flood and wind.
What type of Insurance policy are the boat owners required to maintain? Vessel Insurance: Comprehensive general public liability and vessel insurance covering loss or damage resulting from accidents or occurrences on or about or in connection with the vessels docked within a Unit with combined single limit liability of not less than $300.000. for each accident or occurrence, $100,000. per person and $50,000. property damage, and with a cross liability endorsement to cover liabilities of the Association.
Any other requirements in regard to the vessels? They have to comply with Monroe County, Florida State and Federal Laws, Rules & Regulations. They also have to be kept neat and in good repair.
Do you sell Units to Permanent Live-Aboards? Not currently, but in accordance with the Condo Declaration, six Live-Aboard vessels can be allowed.
Can you spend nights on your vessels? Yes, a maximum of 180 nights per year, providing the vessel is suitable for overnight stays, and that the Unit owner has a permanent address elsewhere and you are asked to take your vessel out of the marina at least once during each 21 day period, for a minimum of 24 hours.
Can you receive mail at Manatee Bay Club? No, because mail can not be forwarded from a marina, and mail service is not included in the monthly maintenance fee.
Do you pay extra for electricity and water? Yes, each unit is equipped with meters like a condo-home.
How do we enter through the gate when nobody is in the office? All owners have their own individual Gate Code.
How do you prevent trespassing through the gate, or by water? Visitors are requested to register at the office, or in the event of late arrival, kindly to inform the office of such. Each Unit owner is asked when possible to let the Manager know when they expect guests.
The Manatee Bay Club staff is responsible for keeping track of contractors, sub-contractors, and other workers. The manager and dock-master reserve the right to make inquiries of anyone on the property unfamiliar to them. As all Unit Owners are equally responsible for common areas participation in a neighborhood watch is suggested. In addition, the Sheriffs Department pays regular visits to the property.
What type of Docks are there at Manatee Bay Club? New top-of-the line Aluminum docks and gangways.  New 10" pilings have also been installed.
Are you going to trim more mangroves? The mangrove trimmings has been finalized.
Will the mangroves be maintained? Yes
Are children welcome? Yes, of course, but the concept of the development is semi-adult, children under 15 need to be accompanied by an adult at all times on the common grounds, as it is not child proofed -- a liability issue.
Are our Friends welcome? Yes, of course, but more than six visitors at any given times requires a special permission by Manatee Bay Club.
Are dogs allowed? Yes, but they have to be on a leash when on the common grounds, and please don't forget the poop-scoop.
Are you allowed to lease or rent your Unit to third party? Yes, providing that the lessee is approved by the Association.
Can owners lease the upland independently from the dock space to a third party? No, the unit is only leaseable in its entirety.
Are boat trailers allowed? Yes, boats and boat trailers may be temporarily parked for such periods approved by the Association, providing that the trailer fits within the Unit, and that it is accepted by the Condo Association.
Are RV's and/or Campers allowed? No, because Manatee Bay Club is established as a Boat Club, and RV's would disturb the over-all conformity.  In addition, there are no designated parking spots for large vehicles.
Is operating Jet Ski Watercrafts and similar Personal Watercrafts permitted in the Marina Waterways? No, because Manatee Bay Club was established as a tranquil “getaway” Marina Resort.
Who is responsible for operating the amenities? The on-site management for Grounds and Office, and/or, at times, an assigned Club Member
Do you offer cable TV and phone lines? Cable is not available in the area. Most people use cellular telephones in these days, and we suggest satellite and wireless services for TV, Internet and Fax.
Is there an in-house sewage pump-out service? Yes, by request boats can be pumped out on Mondays and Thursdays. One pump-out per month is free, and a $5.00 fee applies to all additional pump-outs.
Is chartering your vessel allowed? Yes, providing the business is approved by the Condo Association, and that all guests are registered in the Marina Office.
Are boatlifts allowed? Yes, providing the type of lift is approved by the Condo Association, and a building permit is obtained.
Can we furnish/ improve the Units, as we please? There is conformity through out the property. This will also assist in increasing the property value over time.
Does that include storage boxes, sun sheds and garden furniture?

Yes. a. Regular fiberglass dock boxes (sold at West Marine) is the selected type.
b. Free standing Chickee
Huts are allowed, maximum size of 10 x 10 ft., and they have to be installed a minimum of 10 feet from the water front.
c. Garden furniture should be kept clean and neat.

Does the Association maintain each Unit? No, and for the benefit of the majority, all units are required to be kept neat and clean by the owners. No garbage or untidy equipment visible.
Can our guests and ourselves park anywhere we want? No, vehicles must fit within your Unit, and a maximum of two vehicles per Unit are permitted. Special arrangements could possible be made with the Association or other Unit owners. There are also some additional parking spots for sale or lease.
How do we get around on the property? The best would be by golf cart, bicycle or walking.
Are the docks common elements, can we walk on them freely? No, they are Limited Common Elements.  Without special permission, or due to circumstantial necessity, owners and their guests can only walk on the dock(s) at their own private Unit(s). The Association and Repairmen have the right to access any dock at any time, however, as it may be necessary for repairs, safety reasons and inspections. 
Is it allowed to draft a vessel outside another vessel? No unless a special arrangement has been made with other owners, and under any circumstance, only by Association approval.
Are we allowed to sell our Unit at any time? Yes.
Is the property value increasing? Yes, substantially.
Are any of the Rules & Regulations subject to change? Yes, by a majority vote by the Manatee Bay Members.
Can we build a fence between us and the next Unit? No, but there are already two ft. Medians, or, roped pilings, between all Units on the upland.