Manatee Bay Club

Slip into a privately owned Condo-Dock

Gated Private Boat Club





MANATEE BAY CLUB has approximately 4,000 ft. of lineal docks that are built along the Piers; A, B, C, D, E, F, G, and along the property from north to south, H dock.


During the Restoration Period top-of-the-line Aluminum docks and gangways have been installed.  Raven's Marine pre-manufactured all of the docks.  See below.

All new docks have been installed, including new water system with individual meters, new electric system with individual meters, and new fire extinguishers.

Pre-stressed concrete floating Breakwaters & Docks.
Aluminum fixed Piers and Floating Docks, aluminum or wood decked.
Aluminum Gangways, (fixed or adjustable), Accommodation Ladders.
Aluminum Floating Boat Lifts with Roof (optional)
Aluminum Seawall systemsRAVENS MARINE, INC.
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